Bitonic, a Dutch Bitcoin company, has recently come out in favor of the BIP148/UASF position for scaling.The company issued a statement that detailed the rationale behind their latest announcement.

Bitonic voiced strong opposition in regards to any hard fork option, especially Bitmain’s statements regarding an exclusive hard fork should BIP148 gain a majority.

Deep concerns

Bitonic’s release stated:

“As soon as one company with a position of power within the Bitcoin mining industry gains the ability to change the protocol in such a centralized manner, then a decentralized Bitcoin will be a thing of the past.”

Their position also expressed deep concerns regarding the Segwit2x proposal made at Consensus NY. According to the Bitonic, the lack of testing, the extremely short fuse for implementation and the general immaturity of the software make this option unviable.

While the original UASF BIP141 was their preference, the poor likelihood of success forced a shift to the newer 148 option.

Questions ahead of the August 1 deadline persist, but the need for scalability remains clear.