Privacy-focused altcoin Dash has further increased its exponential gains to surpass $100 per coin, having shot up 25 percent in 24 hours.

Defying even its own developers’ expectations, the asset has surprised investors and the wider community, again and again, jumping from $23 to $100 in just one month.


While Vinny Lingham described altcoin markets this week as a bubble and warned of an imminent crash, Dash has continued growing without significant retraces.

Nonetheless, as other coins in the top 10 level off, several having themselves set new highs, Dash developers have publicly admitted their coin’s surge has left them underprepared.

Director of finance Ryan Taylor said in an interview with Dash analyst Amanda B. Johnson last week:

"We had a strategic plan that was really meant to take us up to around $100 to 200 mln dollars (market cap) and, at this point, we have obviously quickly moved past that so fast that we’re a little back on our heels again and having to do the next planning that gets us to $1 bln.”

Taylor made the comments when Dash was still at around $45.

“Deploying those kinds of resources efficiently and for the maximum benefit of the network is going to be difficult to do,” he added.

Ethereum meanwhile continues its own trend-setting, surpassing the $30 barrier in the past hour. Conversely, Monero has appeared to slow down and even slightly backtrack on personal highs achieved in the last few days, with a continuation of recent gains less apparent.