Carl Force IV, a 46-year-old member of Baltimore’s Silk Road task force and former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent, has been ordered to forfeit around US$500,000 in cash and bitcoin that he “confiscated” while investigating the Silk Road case.

The criminal complaint filed against Force on March 25 read:

“FORCE stole and converted to his own personal use a sizeable amount of bitcoins that DPR sent to FORCE in FORCE's official undercover capacity and rather than turning those bitcoin over to the government, FORCE deposited them into his own personal accounts.”

Force stole hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of bitcoins confiscated during the Silk Road case and transferred them to his personal accounts.

The United States government has filed an order of forfeiture demanding that Force relinquish US$500,000 from the following sources:

Some of the accounts have already sent out bitcoins — to the following address: “1Dz8rzz48nMeBwM1qbg8QfR6bM7GgEb3YY” — around five days after the order was filed.

Apart from the bitcoins he stole from the Silk Road case, it is still unclear whether Force was ordered to give back what he personally received from Ulbricht. Force demanded that Ulbricht pay him 525 bitcoins to remain silent about Ulbricht’s alleged hire-for-murder attempt.

During the Silk Road case, Force and his team initiated a murder-for-hire plan and offered to Ulbricht that they would murder a Silk Road employee for a bounty in bitcoin. Force and his agency staged the murder-for-hire arrangement and illegally threatened Ulbricht to pay Force, who used an online alias to cover up his “attempt” to murder the employee.