This summer is going to be DeFi’s biggest and best, according to one project.

KardiaChain says it has launched a brand-new destination for crypto enthusiasts — delivering access to the hottest farms.

The team are hoping to build on the success of summer 2020, which was instrumental in helping decentralized finance become an established sector within the crypto community. Innovative concepts such as automated market makers came to fruition, the total value locked in protocols surged, and we began to see how financial power truly belongs to the people.

This year, KardiaChain is hoping to ensure that history repeats itself by offering an array of exclusive experiences — all while rolling out cutting-edge DeFi products.

A specially created landing page serves as the ultimate destination for information on all of the projects that are supported by KardiaChain, arming farmers with everything they need to know. In-depth tutorials ensure users are furnished with the tools they need to connect with their chosen farms.

KardiaChain says it has placed an emphasis on evaluation and integration — ensuring that its ecosystem is open to everyone.

Another stepping stone

The project says that its DeFi Summer campaign has been given a boost thanks to the technical advantages offered by KAIDEX. Near-zero fees mean that this crypto ecosystem offers far cheaper transactions than rival chains — and other benefits include low slippage. Meanwhile, five-second settlement speeds also give users a crucial upper hand.

Upgrades are taking place on a regular basis, too. An imminent soft fork is going to enhance the system’s stability, all while beefing up security measures to ensure participant funds are safe.

KardiaChain says it is home to audited projects that reduce the risk of rug pulls and scams — and that it strives to be economical by offering low commission fees. Overall, the blockchain can handle more than 5,000 transactions per second, blowing the likes of Ethereum out of the water.

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What’s on offer

Through the KAIDEX landing page for the summer campaign, users can immediately access the range of pools on offer, all of which connect KAI with other cryptocurrencies. It’s also possible to compare and contrast the yields associated with different farms.

For those who want to have a little bit of fun during the summer months, DeFi-focused games such as FishCoin are also available — and even more titles are on the way.

Given how the world is increasingly going mobile first, a dedicated app is available to ensure that users can trade on KAIDEX while on the move.

Some of KardiaChain’s biggest achievements over the past 12 months have included launching the NFT game My DeFi Pet, which allows players to stamp their own personality on crypto collectibles.

And looking forward, the team has no plans to sit still — with the second version of KAIDEX due to be released within the next 12 months.

This summer is going to be DeFi’s biggest and best, according to one project.

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