Digital asset research and consulting firm Delphi Digital has launched a venture capital fund focused on emerging crypto asset projects.

A July 30 announcement describes the move as allowing Delphi “to become more active participants" in the projects it believes “will make a material impact on the space” while opening new opportunities for the firm beyond participating in acquisitions and initial public offerings.

The VC wing has been funded primarily using internal capital, with Delphi’s research and consulting business having been “fully bootstrapped” by its founders.

The new Delphi Ventures arm will focus on “early-stage projects, a majority of which will have a token element.”

The firm’s investment strategy is informed by the firm’s belief that blockchain technology “will eventually disintermediate any vertical where a network effect is captured by a centralized entity.”

“We believe this represents a multi-trillion dollar opportunity that will drive the greatest wealth transfer event of the 21st century,” the firm added.

In addition to deploying capital, Delphi Ventures plans on leveraging “partner time, knowledge, and networks” to maximize the performance of its investments.

Delphi completes 2.0 revamp

Delphi Digital also launched a newly designed website and member’s portal on July 30.

New data analysis products are being offered following the Delphi 2.0 revamp, including monthly examinations of the Ethereum ecosystem, token models and crypto asset markets from a macro perspective.

Delphi has also expanded its team of analysts with the opening of an office in London. The addition of three full-time staff at its European office brings the total number of Delphi analysts to 10.