There are still many more things that can be built within the blockchain space, and the good news is that members of the community know what they are, said Tegan Kline, co-founder of Edge & Node — the initial team behind The Graph. 

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Kline discussed the crypto winter and gave suggestions on what community members should focus on while the markets are down. According to the Web3 executive, the community should stick to its core values and stay determined to deliver real solutions. Kline explained:

“We all go through the downturn together, and we all come out of it stronger. We all support each other’s projects, and there's a virtuous cycle there that continues to nurture the ecosystem.”

Kline also highlighted that the crypto winter provides an opportunity for builders, as there is less noise during a bear market, making it what Kline described as a “builder’s paradise.” She also said:

“The community will hunker down and focus on building. Only the committed founders and community members stick around, and this ends up being a great filter. Some even welcome the bear market for this reason.”

Kline underscored that there are still many things that need to be built in the space, mentioning layer 2s, multichain aggregation, bridge technology, custody and decentralized autonomous organizations as some of the stuff on the way.

Kline also mentioned that blockchain can affect social media. “As the social networks of Web3 come to fruition, they will be a game changer,” she said. In addition, the executive believes that decentralized exchanges will eventually surpass the volume of centralized exchanges.

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When asked what blockchain community members should keep in mind during the crypto winter, Kline said that some of the greatest companies and technologies were born out of recessions. The executive urged the community to keep building, highlighting:

“Don’t wait around for the recovery to happen. Keep building, focus on the core mission, and remember that we are laying the foundation for the next recovery now.”

Finally, Kline mentioned that the blockchain ecosystem could expect a wave of more resilient decentralized technologies to rise out of the crypto winter. She also said it may be wise to focus on self-custody, decentralization and understanding counterparty risk.