Anew, the most modern among competitors and promising to the users bitcoin and litecoin exchange service is going to be launched at the end of the year. The main advantage differing the new venue from already known and experience market pillars is an easier registration, faster purchase of crypto currencies and no necessity in banks or similar financial institutions. If it does have the right for existence, time will show and maybe the future potential users? The experts are already to share their opinions with the community.

The new service belongs to the developer group Neo, who announced that the service will be launched on the New Year’s Eve or on the 31st of December. The address the user should follow to enter the new homepage of the crypto currency community is (not to be mixed up with the notorious

The last one is believed to be a scam wallet service that operated together with hidden Tor network services. Alongside with Onioncoin they have withdrawn the funds leaving many unsatisfied and indignant customers. Also the name is very popular for different financial and money services outside the virtual coin community – among them are trading, sending and exchange services for all kind of fiat moneys in many countries all around the world.

The news and official statement from the developers published on one of the related to the topic forums says that the service is going to be ”the newest, simplest, hassle free way to buy crypto currencies online without the need for a bank account”. They also promise the users a less than a 3 minute registration routine and the possibility to receive funds and consulting at the ZipZap bitcoin friendly stores. To be precise there are about 265 000 of shops in the biggest and most developed countries. Their location is connected with the states were the service can be fully performed - the United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and some others. The service will also offer some more virtual coins – the litecoin and maybe some others in the closest future.

The aspects of safety are also very important to the emerging company - it “supports industry standard security like two factor authentication, as well as text message authentication to secure the customers’ accounts against fraudulent use”. A different approach for identification and verification will ensure operation in minutes, but not several days.

Still such luxury services will not be free – 3,99% will be charged by the ZipZap agent, and some more commission to be paid in the store. Still it might become very popular among users as it offers to overcome many hurdles made and proposed by authorities and officials in many countries.

The comments of the experts, as well as reviews from the first customers should be available in the early January of the year 2014.