eBay is the platform long desired by many Bitcoin users, both merchants and customers. The network of the market place is the very excessive, features registrants from the most countries of the world and allows to make purchases by vendors clients would never be able to meet in person or visit their physical stores.

Many altcoin activists have already allowed themselves to contact the administration of eBay to ask the question on Bitcoin acceptance as payment method and other opportunities to trade the cryptographic currency, for example, by selling hardware containing particular amounts of coins or the mining software. The initial discussion has had a positive result that emerged on the 13th of January. The tweet from David Marcus, the PayPal president, looks like that:

“To clarify: we have no policies against using PayPal to sell Bitcoin mining rigs. We don’t support any currency txn whether fiat or BTC…”

The interpretation of these words can be different – the level of positivity depends on the person reading the massage. However, this fact is followed by a rumor stating that the eBay is really going to change terms and conditions, as well as the policy of the platform in the upcoming February. The changes consider the virtual coins and some email to a user request says that:

“Please know that per our recent policy update, Virtual Currency (i.e. Bitcoin and Litecoin), whether digitally or physically delivered, cannot be listed in Auction-style or Buy-It-Now listing formats. eBay is opening a Virtual Currency category to allow the sale of virtual currency in Classified Ads format on February 10, 2014. We request that you do not list these items until that date. Please be informed that repeated breach of the policy may further jeopardize your account status. To avoid any inconvenience in future, we’d appreciated it if you go through our help pages or contact us before listing any such items.”

This increases the degree of acceptance of the Bitcoin by the merchant platform administration. The power investment in the current changes seems to prove the friendliness towards cryptocoins and their processing.

The resource Overstock.com was able to predict the market faster than the competitors from eBay. Since the beginning of the month the platform features Bitcoin as one of the accepted payment methods and official statistics prove that 130000 dollars in form of the coin were already processed by the page during the first day. The amount of orders has a rate to grow that might be a good reason for eBay to consider.