The amount of educative and presentational events in the field of alternative currencies and Bitcoin in general, has increased during the recent times. Conferences, meetups, seminars and workshops featuring experts, activists, entrepreneurs, investors, developers and authorities aim to provide all the mentioned groups with a common language, to give understanding of the matter and to dispel doubts about the basic nature and principles of the cryptographic currencies. Cointelegraph has reported on many events planned for January and February, but mostly in Northern and Southern America. For those, who are going to stay for that time in Europe the CoinSrums’ event is a very interesting opportunity.

In case the name of CoinScrum seems new and empty, it is necessary to mention that the team is the same as of the former Bitcoin Focus, having the necessary experience and a long story behind them. The main goal of the event is to educate people and to connect businesses and ideas for further development. Circle is among the main supporters and partners. The venue chosen for the meeting is the Club Workspace at the Clerkenwell Workshops (for the ones, who are leafing through the map of the city, the address is 27-31 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0AT). The discussion will be opened at 6:30 pm on 21st January.

The concept of the happening is close to free conversation between participants and board members. The fluent discussions and open microphone presentations will be mixed up with some predetermined reports – from Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn, Circle Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Allaire and Circle Chief Technical Officer Sean Nevill. Currently there are 110 registered participants, who definitely will have something interesting and important to tell. To see the list, please visit the page of the evening.

Many of Bitcoin users have heard about Mr. Hearn – he is the Bitcoin Foundation’s Law and Policy Committee’s chair. The activity that has brought him fame was about the option to mark coins that participated in crimes and violations. These attached labels should be presented to the users. For example, the tags have to be viewed on BlockChain and other online resources. The marking initiative got an equal amount of support and protest, due to the controversial nature of the topic is has been postponed.

Some other presentations might be listed later, closer to the event, but no long reports are being planned as the aim is to bring different people to a dialogue. The lovely evening atmosphere should bring ideas and investment funds together, create a favorable and sustainable environment, show solutions to existing problems and complications. Please, do not miss the opportunity to meet the leading personalities ready to share their knowledge and experience.