The Inside Bitcoins Conference is not an annual event and takes in account the specific feature of the topic – it changes very fast – and not to miss anything the seminar is hold several times a year. Last one was a success in summer in New York City. The initiator and the heart of the community gathering together is the Mediabistro, being not just a pure idea incubator with some level of support, but business-to-business services for the embodying of creative and non-standard concepts. The previous meeting allowed systemizing the existing society that was already named as the Bitcoin revolution.

Last time several hundreds of people attended the event, now about four hundreds of participants are already registered. The list panelists and contributors seem to feature the most leading specialists and experts of the branch. The people to follow might definitely be:

  • Bobby Lee, the CEO and co-funder of the BTC China (especially after the resent news still emerging from China);
  • Jered Kenna, founder and CEO of Tradehill, the second biggest exchange service;
  • Carmen Medina, specialist leader at Deloitte Consulting, as a person able to evaluate the perspective from a distant point of view, just outside the community of bitcoin;
  • Nathan and Sam Huntzinger, founders of Bees Brothers, the youngest bitcoin promoters, who started to use the currency being 7 and 8 years of age.

If You still have some doubts on joining at least as listener Mediabistro attempts to minimize uncertainty. If You are a developer, entrepreneur, financial professional, private equity, corporate, angel and venture capital investor, banks and financial institution representative, brick-and-mortar merchant and online retailer, credit and loyalty solution provider, consultants, daily deal and group buying network developers, data and payment processor founder or manager, legal professional, security solution provider and lobbyist, founder of early stage and emerging growth company manager – You already should have registered, as it is the greatest change to get advice from the most successful bitcoin activists and authorities.

The main topics to be covered by the speakers will be the regulation and control over bitcoin transactions, the possible future and development of the market, the exchange ecosystem, the reliability and trust of users for the environment. The most exciting sessions as voiced by the hosts should become “A New Approach to Cryptocurrency Exchange” and “A Practical Guide to Bitcoin Compliance and Regulation”, as these are the most discussed topics by the US and Chinese Governments.

The registrations cost has three levels. Each registrant will receive a wallet with 0,01 BTC. The pauses between the official discussions and presentations will give the opportunity to ask the participants questions in relaxed mode.

More news on the conference will emerge soon.