A recent tweet by Erik Voorhees has ignited a firestorm on Twitter. Voorhees expresses his disdain for BCC, while at the same time expressing support for the SegWit2x proposal.

Voorhees, a resident of Panama, is the founder of Satoshi Dice, an online gaming platform which he later sold to an unidentified buyer.

He is also the founder of Coinapult, a company that seeks to transfer Bitcoins via SMS and email. He is also the founder and creator of the exchange shapeshift.io.

Voorhees’ tweet received substantial response. A majority of comments compared SegWit2x to BCC and pointed out that both were forks and therefore altcoins.

However, one user suggested that the purpose of BCC is to make transactions traceable. A Reddit user BillyHodson suggested:

“Will dumping your BCC by combining all your UTXOs reveal every one of your transactions to the world? Maybe that's the idea behind BCC. To unsecure everything for the chain analysis companies.”

Whether BillyHodson is correct or not remains to be seen. However, the fork is coming, and users will need to be prepared to deal with whatever happens to Bitcoin on Aug. 1.