TSB Games, the firm behind VR game The Sandbox, announced a partnership with second-layer scaling solution Matic.

According to a March 19 announcement, Matic will allow the decentralized application (DApp) to carry out faster transactions and create a better user experience. The partnership is also meant to better facilitate decentralized transactions on the platform.

As part of the partnership, Matic also participated in Sandobox’s second round of the presale of the virtual LAND represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The land staked by Matic will be used to help introduce the project’s community to NFTs and DApps. The announcement reads:

“This will be the occasion for our communities to familiarize with another side of their project and meet up in their exclusive LAND.”

The Sandbox chief operating officer and co-founder Sébastien Borget explained to Cointelegraph that his firm believes Matic’s solution is a good fit for its project. He also explained that Matic has proven to “have the right support and experience for projects such as” theirs. He illustrated Matic’s role in the project development as follows:

“They will be able to help us on defining the best possible approach for end users to interact seamlessly with our decentralized virtual world and potentially earn in-game rewards, at scale for million of players to have rich, play2earn multiplayer game experiences, and they will be able to adapt to our future scaling needs.”

Cointelegraph reached out to Matic for additional commentary, the article will be updated once they are received.

Virtuals worlds in the land of blockchain

The Sandbox is the latest example of a blockchain-based VR project that allows its users to purchase a limited supply of virtual land. As Cointelegraph reported in a recent analysis of similar projects, the users of Ethereum-based VR world Decentraland have spent over $1 million on digital land. 

The Sandbox has recently announced its third land presale after its mobile creation game has seen over 40 million downloads. The game has also attracted the attention of the gaming industry veterans Square Enix, known for releasing the Final Fantasy franchise. The video game giant has invested $2 million in the project.