Ethereum experts have the chance to make a little extra pocket change this summer, as bug bounty hunting revs up with the network token release from Status.

Users who have started using the Status Network Token (SNT) were encouraged to participate. Status, the messaging platform and mobile browser for the Ethereum network, offered a surprisingly large bounty for users who are able to find bugs in its smart contracts and software.

The initiative, designed to help Status patch any remaining issues, began on June 14. Bug hunters were informed that major bugs would be rewarded with up to $25,000 in either Bitcoin or Ether, and in the case of critical level vulnerabilities, hunters could receive as much as $50,000.

The company will use the OWASP risk assessment to determine the level of threat to the sale. Items of note will receive $100 at the least, all the way up to the critical levels already mentioned.

Bug hunters interested in winning a bounty can find the rules here. The bounty program will continue even after the company’s token launch.

Bounty hunters who have submissions can email them to Anonymous submissions are also welcome.

Status will continue functioning as the search for bugs continues.