Wings is different in scope from the troubled Ethereum’s DAO. The new platform is seeking to achieve a different result by test driving its crowdfunding and DAO platform for the launch of new projects.  

After the completion of its backing campaign, Wings released the alpha version of its platform. The alpha version gives everyone a basic idea of how their systems will work and provides a way to receive feedback.

This demonstrates its difference on the market. Some examples of this are enabling projects to be independent in tokens, smart contracts, backing campaign and governance structure. Wings alpha has an audience, unlike The DAO which was a decentralized venture capital fund.


Wings Core Developer, Stas Oskin, explains that all the project metadata is completely decentralized and stored in Ethereum devnet Blockchain smart contracts. Project files such as images, documents and other blobs are also decentralized and stored in IPFS:

"Wings alpha is the first publicly available implementation of the Wings DAO system. It is based on the well-known EthCore Parity Ethereum client for increased performance, utilizing their just released Proof of Authority Consensus. PoA allows simulating the actual experience on the forthcoming RSK network which will have transactions 6x faster compared to Ethereum, ensuring a smooth and immediate response for Wings DAO platform users.”

Oskin adds that the alpha features immediate tokens distribution powered by smart contract will enable the simulation of project crowdfunding. He says: “Any pseudo-BTC token sent to our smart contract will issue and distribute back that particular project’s token, storing them under the user’s wallet”.

He adds: “There will be no limit to alpha availability. It will serve as a work in progress demonstration until the launch of the public beta. We are releasing the first functioning implementation of Wing’s forecast markets, enabling the people to experience submitting projects for community evaluation and funding”.

SuperDAO and Status

Another Ethereum-based project is SuperDAO, a reputation-based governance system for incentivized global collaborative management of disruptive DApp ventures. There is also Status which combines a messenger and a browser to build a gateway for smartphone users. Status allows users access to DApps and for developers to reach new users.

These platforms promise to go a long way in rekindling trust in Ethereum.

For Status co-founder, Carl Bennetts, their alpha release is a great way to get a public feel for the projects focus on messaging and chats. He says:

"Our alpha represents an important milestone for our dev team. Although we have a tremendous amount of development still ahead of us, we hope the release will provide the beginnings of a friendly, intuitive mobile experience for the Ethereum Network. As we start sending out invites today to the 2,500 early supporters of the project, we could not be more excited to receive community suggestions and feedback. Status is a completely open source project, and contributors are welcome.”

Oladapo Ajayi, the founder of SuperDAO, says that SuperDAO wants to achieve a common goal through open source and democratic software built on Ethereum Blockchains. SuperDAO works with a collection of various entities, individuals and autonomous agents cooperating virtually. It has been in existence before the famous DAO fiasco.

SuperDAO’s crowdfunding starts in February.