The founders of Lisk and FreeWallet are working together to create some kind of smart contract AppStore. FreeWallet’s Alvin Hagg says his mobile-first cryptocurrency wallets with built-in exchange and cold storage will support Lisk with its additional super-features “as we believe it will keep the Ethereum promise.”

In an email to Cointelegraph, Hagg says:

“The Ethereum’s hype was mostly caused by its view on DAPPs and it’s clear marketing message that was accepted by the majority. Moreover, Ethereum’s main idea differs from Bitcoin’s. We don’t do politics, but we have our point of view on what’s been going on with Ethereum after the hardfork. When Ethereum Classic entered the stage, it became clear that it was someone’s counterattack on the ETH phenomenon. Now the industry is risking as if Blockchain will stay in the Bitcoin era, it wouldn’t provide end users  with unique possibilities that were promoted by Ethereum and the DAO.”

Lisk as next chance for Blockchain

He explained that Lisk is the next chance for Blockchain to evolve into something much bigger than just a forex exchange and a dark market financial provider.

He says:

“If it keeps going Ethereum’s way, it will probably bring the industry to the next level. And that means that end users will win. Even if they will simply keep using Blockchain as a kind of a forex market.”

Though they they have a lot in common, Lisk is not equal to Ethereum. Both are concentrating on decentralized apps. But Hagg thinks Lisk has a more practical approach. He says it has some concepts of implementation though it was developed to be used by the majority of developers.

Lisk not competing with Ethereum

It is not to see Lisk and Ethereum as competitors but both as parts of one bigger thing - some new business ecosystem that is going to arrive in the upcoming future - as both projects are not about cryptocurrencies but about technology.

Hagg explains:

“If Ethereum is already a cryptocurrency superstar, Lisk is still exploring its powers. You don’t need to learn additional development language to start coding on Lisk. Both have charismatic leaders. Vitalik is some kind of Steve Jobs, while Max Kordek is Elon Musk. Both of them are entrepreneurs, and both of them are dreamers.”

Lisk needs to grow its capitalization which is where Freewallet will probably help. Users who store LSK on Freewallet will support some of the future possibilities that Lisk will bring. This will take some time to be achieved until Lisk’s project overcomes the capitalization stage.

FreeWallet to be #1 Lisk Wallet

Hagg reveals that they don’t want to be “yet another cryptocurrency wallet” with a better UI and some cool features. When they started, almost everyone had already forgotten about altcoins. But altcoins were given a new lease of life.

He says to Cointelegraph:

“To perform on the altcoin stage we need them to be better than Bitcoin. Not as better means of exchange, but through the unique possibilities they give to end-users. That’s why we are keeping our eye on what’s going to be next. It looks like the new era of smart contracts has some possibilities to meet end-user requirements. If Lisk keeps its growth, we are ready to become #1 Lisk Wallet to represent its killer features to the mass-market. As we are mostly focused on B2C, and Lisk is going to provide solutions for developers and businesses, both Lisk and Freewallet will gain from this cooperation.”

Freewallet recently introduced the Smart Pay In feature which allows the top up of wallets with any cryptocurrency, using the best exchange rates. If Ethereum Classic survives, it will support it if ETC finds a way to differentiate from Ethereum.