The first in a series of three Inside Bitcoins Conference dates in Asia kicks off in Hong Kong on 24-25 June, and Cointelegraph is proud to announce its media partnership with the event. 

Hong Kong is something of a dynamic Bitcoin experiment at the moment, with regulators eagerly watching over a boom in the local Bitcoin economy. In the shadow of China’s steadfast resistance to the currency’s adoption, Inside Bitcoins will provide a look into the fascinating scene as it currently stands, along with a wide variety of news and presentations from the wider international community. 

Alan M. Meckler, Chairman and CEO of Mediabistro Inc., which is organizing the events series, announced: 

“We are very excited to launch Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong to spread knowledge on this subject to allow attendees to gain a better understanding of bitcoins and how it provides opportunities for start-ups and players in different industries.” 

On the inside 

An undoubted highlight of the conference will be its keynote speech by BTC China CEO Bobby Lee. Following his and the heads of other major Chinese exchanges not to participate at the Beijing Bitcoin Summit last month, the community is eager for news of the future, and Lee will speak on “Bitcoin in China: Second Generation of Products and Services.” 

Further highlights include ANXBTC’s Ken Lo leading a panel on “Bitcoin, Remittances and the Developing World,” which will also feature Antony Lewis, Head of Business Development at itBit; Dominik Weil, Freelance Consultant of Bitcoin Vietnam Company Limited and Ayoub Naciri, Co-Founder of ArtaBit. Together, they will discuss enhancing Bitcoin’s potential to transmit wealth across borders and opportunities for business in less developed countries. 

Separately, Ron Cao, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Lightspeed China Partners, will contribute some valuable knowledge on the complex issue of Bitcoin investment with “Bitcoin Ecosystem Investing: Dos and Don’ts.” 

The convening of some of the important entities in the Asian Bitcoin story is quite a spectacle, and Cointelegraph is delighted to be able to offer a 10% discount for its readers. Simply register at and enter the discount code ‘TELEGRAPH’ at checkout. 

And if you’re unable to attend, you can be assured that Cointelegraph will bring you exclusive updates and interviews from the event – watch the homepage for news later this month.