The former Secret Service agent convicted in the theft of Bitcoin from the Silk Road during their investigation is accused of stealing even more than previously thought.

According to newly released documents, Shaun Bridges, one of two federal agents caught stealing during the Silk Road investigations, is accused by prosecutors of stealing an additional $700,000 worth of Bitcoin. Bridges is currently serving a 71-month prison sentence for the initial theft.

Government knew Bridges had access to the seized Bitcoin

According to the recently released documents, the Department of Justice knew that Bridges still had access to the private keys for the Bitcoin being held at that time by the Secret Service. The Department of Justice alerted the Secret Service to this fact and strongly advised them to move the Bitcoin, however their recommendation was ignored and the funds remained vulnerable. As a result, Bridges was able to complete the theft.

Ross Ulbricht remains in jail, seized Bitcoin auctioned off

Last month, $16 million worth of Bitcoin previously seized in the Silk Road case was auctioned off in Australia. The funds were seized through civil asset forfeiture from patrons of the Silk Road suspected of attempting to purchase narcotics or other prohibited goods and services.

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht remains in prison for life without the possibility of parole.