For over a month, Ethereum Classic price has surged impressively to the admiration of community members who care to observe. The fallout of Ether rose from $1 to $7 and has now sunk into the $6 zone.

It is overwhelming to notice ETC competing with fast-growing Dash over a position on CoinMarketCap. All indications point to a community that did not regret parting ways with its elder brother, Ethereum.

ETC's newfound strength

Cointelegraph decided to find out from the ETC community the secret behind the unprecedented rapid flourish it is experiencing. Carlo Vicari, a team member of the community, believes in their platform and the community behind it:

"Our community is growing beyond compare, and we are euphoric with the enthusiasm from new community members as well."

When asked if ETC had reached its potential, he had this to say:

"I don't think ETC has realized its full potential yet at all. I'm triumphal with how far the project has come but I'd say it's more like ETC is finding its footing with the enthusiasm from new community members as well as a stable foundation to jump off, not necessarily full potential."

Community expectation

On the issue of what Ethereum community members, especially holders, should expect in the coming months, the spokesperson of ETC explained he is not much of a price speculator and avoids statements like that since they can be taken out of context. "I'll say that I'm proud of the community and really excited about the future," Vicari says.

He believes Blockchain technology is going to change the world in profound ways but the world is only just beginning to comprehend. Based on that, he thinks ETC will prove itself to be a major part of the Blockchain revolution, which has barely even started.

Pump and dump

One frequent speculation in this space is whenever an altcoin surges, there are accusations of pump and dump. This is so common it becomes difficult for some people to determine real growth from the deceptive ones.

But Vicari says everyone who is part of the ETC community knows ETC is not a "pump and dump" altcoin. Furthermore, every project (even Bitcoin) is called a "pump and dump" or a "Ponzi" so his outfit really doesn't pay much attention to people throwing stones.

ETC vs. Dash

Again, Vicari, who also doubles as the community manager for IOHK, will not comment on who will win in the ongoing battle between ETC and Dash to take over the number six spot on CoinMarketCap. "You'll need to ask one of the traders about that," he responded. "I try not to think in terms of price or market cap."

Indeed, the eagle has landed and Ethereum Classic is on fire. Obviously the fire cannot be quenched at the moment, but as usual, time will tell.