The biggest digital currency named Bitcoin is quite famous these days, not only because of its magical way of sending money without the help of any third parties, but also for its involvement in cyber crimes.

It is often regarded as something amazingly innovative with the potential to disrupt the financial system that we know today, and it is also something that attracts interest — or in some cases, causes distress — of investors and economists from all over the world.

Bill Gates on Bitcoin

During his “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit platform, Bill Gates mentioned Bitcoin as “an exciting new technology,” adding that he was planning to use digital currency for his foundation to help the poor get banking services.

But not long after, he also explained why he dicided not to use Bitcoin.

Bill Gates says about the reasons:

“One is that the poor shouldn't have a currency whose value goes up and down a lot compared to their local currency. Second, is that if a mistake is made in who you pay then you need to be able to reverse it so anonymity wouldn't work.”

Mainstream Media vs. Bitcoin community

Oscar Darmawan, CEO Bitcoin Indonesia (, says to Cointelegraph: paves in to become a reliable source for you to learn about what these highly influential people think about Bitcoin and whether the blockchain technology can become something that will change the world entirely like how Internet once did, or fail miserably, stomping on people’s hopes and beliefs.”

Oscar Darmawan, CEO Bitcoin Indonesia (

There are two sides of each coin, they said, and shows exactly that.

The community sees Bitcoin as something magical—something that can start a revolution against the centralized system we have today.

On another hand, the press just loves to accentuate Bitcoin’s affiliation with the deep web, ransomware, or money laundering. But only one question remains. Which side are you on?

What is

Understanding is the key and through, you can learn how great Bitcoin is while also embracing its flaws.

From the Winklevoss twins’ inspiring quote, to Warren Buffet’s mean criticism, or even to Lily Allen’s funny little tweet about Bitcoin, you can read it all in here.

And like Tim Draper, investor and the founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, once said, “It’s better to be the one encouraging the changing of our own industry than to be the one who gets surprised by it.”

Get inspired for the Bitcoin revolution

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