German Camelot Consulting Group has developed a Blockchain-based solution for the management of sensitive medical data, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported Monday, April 9.

With its Hypertrust X-Chain data management system, the company aims to offer the healthcare industry a secure digital platform for the exchange of patient data. It aims to provide all actors that are authorized to participate in the therapy process with decentralized data storage based on Blockchain technology.

All data transactions are encrypted and stored on an unchangeable Blockchain and will be carried out directly between the authorized participants, the company says. It will also allow the "integration of partner systems", "real-time temperature, location and quality control as well as reliable proof of origin".

To illustrate the advantages of the new system compared to conventional methods, Camelot Consulting Group uses the example of extracorporeal cell therapies in which patients' cells are removed and processed in a complex, multistage process.

"Many different actors are involved in this process, such as the treating clinic, the cell removal center, logistics service providers and pharmaceutical companies. Today, most important data is still transmitted by analog means in order to be recorded again in the course of the further process. The risk of erroneous data and data misuse is therefore immensely high."

According to the company, Hypertrust X-Chain's closed-loop supply chain approach prevents any confusion or misuse of samples and data during therapy.

The system developed by Camelot Consulting Group is just one of an even longer list of Blockchain projects for data management. Chile's national energy regulatory organization announced a few days ago that it will manage national energy sector data via an Ethereum-based platform.

The major Polish bank PKO Bank Polski recently announced its intention to introduce a Blockchain-based storage and verification system for the management of the documents of its customers. As Cointelegraph reported in March, Audi is currently testing its own Blockchain technology for handling physical and financial distribution processes in international logistics.