The G20 Summit usually draws protestors by thousands from around the world most of whom are angered at what they see as global economic policies that benefit only a few at the expense of the many.

But this year the Australian Digital Currency Association (ADCCA) seems to be trying to balance that out by hosting a special cryptocurrency-focused event that is scheduled to overlap the G20. The event, held in Brisbane this year, is scheduled to take place on November 16 and 17, 2014, after the closing of the Leaders’ Summit, which is the most important event on the schedule of events at the G20.

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The crypto summit is titled the Global Digital Currency Conversation and will feature luminaries from both the cryptocurrency industry as well as government policy makers. The Chair of Australia’s Senate, Sam Dastyari, has put an inquiry into digital currencies and will be one of the panelists who will be also joined by Perianne Boring of the Digital Chamber of Commerce in the United States, and finally Peter Oaks, former Director of the Bank of Ireland. Ron Tucker, ADCCA Chairman who is also the head of Bit Trade Australia said about the event:

"With Australia chairing the G20 this year, there is no better time to engage with relevant stakeholders to make sure the digital currency industry can continue to grow and prosper at home and globally."

Tucker said that Australia could be used as a model to help propel Bitcoin into a better position in the FinTech industry. The Australian model he explained blends self-regulation with government oversight. The forum will give the industry a chance to show what can be achieved.

Early reports indicate that there has already been an excellent international response to the conference, especially from lobbying groups in other countries. Tucker said that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were growing extremely fast and the stakeholders had to move quickly to keep up with the growth.

"It is my intention that this forum will serve as a springboard to another conference at the next G20 conference in Turkey where a global digital currency structure can be more formalized."

The timing of the Conference could not have been better when we consider that the G20 was originally created in 1999 in response to the Asian financial collapse. This conference includes the world’s 19 largest economic powerhouses and often has representatives from smaller countries.

So far the ADCCA, which was just created this year, has worked exclusively as an educator for Australian policy makers and has created several seminars, promoted a self-regulatory model, and made calls for clarification on tax issues.

With the two conferences overlapping at the same location, it is likely that many of the same attendees and hopefully some of the guests and speakers will show an interest in reaching out to members of the cryptocurrency community.

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