Triple hurray for the service that doesn’t forget about the lesser siblings of the Bitcoin. GoCoin has turned its attention towards DogeCoin.


GoCoin fulfill their promises

In the beginning of the year we told you about the GoCoin’s decision to accept Litecoin and in the long run continue adding up more altcoins. Seems like Steve Beureugard, the CEO of the service wasn’t just throwing words when he told that originally GoCoin had been designed to support not only Bitcoin but also many different altcoins.

GoCoin works as a PayPal for cryptocurrency working as a middleman in transactions. Originated in Singapore in late 2013 though till this January they were operating only Bitcoin.

The platform helps merchants to satisfy their customer’s urge to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin and soon Dogecoin. A dynamic fee is placed for transactions starting with 1% and reaching 0% after a monthly $2,500 are reached in transactions.