Here Comes the Bribe: Why Russia (and Most Governments) Won't Try to Ban Bitcoin

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Let’s face it: the risk of money laundering, which is often cited in statements on cryptocurrencies by numerous central banks across many countries does not affect the average person. The overwhelming majority are not “terrorists” and do not seek to procure illegal drugs nor deal in weapons or human trafficking.

But what if this notorious “money-laundering enabling” digital currency could be used by the same people who are in power for their own benefit? What if all these incredible opportunities promised by the new Bitcoin economy are turned against us, the public?

Here Comes the Bribe

It is no secret that in Russia many problems are resolved with good, old-fashioned bribes. Other popular methods include under-the-table (black) salaries, embezzlement and kick-backs. This was common practice until January 15, 2014 when the St