The December 14 deadline has come and gone. Now, with only a few days before Christmas, we are currently keeping a close eye on the price on, which we will compare with the flood of predictions we have received from our readers.

In the spirit of our previous installments on Bitcoin price predictions, Cointelegraph readers had the chance submit their own predictions in our very own X-Mas Price prediction contest where the winner will receive 2 BTC compliments of Cointelegraph and Virtex, while US$500 will be collected by the runner up, compliments of EgoPay.

The Moment of Truth

The person whose prediction will be closest to the actual price listed on on December 25, 2014 at noon (GMT) will win 2 bitcoins:

  • 1 BTC from Cointelegraph,

  • 1 BTC from Virtex

The runner-up, or the person whose prediction was second closest to the actual price, will receive:

  • US$500 from EgoPay (to your EgoPay account)

The current predictions can be found in the comments sections below our video here.

So remember to keep an eye on the Bitcoin price on as you unwrap your presents on Christmas morning.   

Good luck and happy holidays from everyone at Cointelegraph, Virtex and EgoPay!