On Saturday night the French capital experienced a series of terrorist attacks. Cointelegraph is looking for partners to take part in our bitcoin donation initiative for the victims of the series of terroristic attacks. We are looking for contacts in the government or non-governmental organizations of France.

According to various sources, the victims of the attacks are estimated at more than 120 people with more than 300 wounded. French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency.

Companies and individuals have taken to social media to offer their support. Facebook has implemented a new function allowing users to notify friends about their safety. In addition, a new Twitter hashtag, #PorteOuverte (open door) was used on Friday night after a series of attacks shook Paris. It informed Parisians about homes they could go to for safe shelter.

Bitcoin is not just a means of payment

Cointelegraph is looking to help the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. We are searching for cooperation with the government in Paris to begin fundraising for the victims.

We appeal to the Bitcoin community: if you are willing to help the victims in France, let's do it together. We are in the process of creating a bitcoin donation web page that connects to a wallet specifically for the victims in Paris.

If you have any useful contacts in government or non-governmental organizations please email info@cointelegraph.com.