Advertising is prolific — especially online. But as social networks generate billions of dollars in revenue, their users are getting nothing in return.

Now, a blockchain-based project says it plans to change the world by rewarding people for the time they spend online and by distributing 50% of advertising revenue to the masses. is a digital network complete with a digital wallet and a trading platform. The project’s goal is to encourage and empower people to use digital assets in everyday life — and the platform is designed to be accessible for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Through the wallet, users can instantly transfer ME tokens to their friends and family without incurring any fees. Alternatively, they can spend their ME balances on a customer-to-customer platform where users can buy goods from one another. These assets can also be transferred to their Ether wallets, increasing the possible use cases even further. was first conceived in 2018 — and a significant number of milestones have been reached over the past three years. The app is now available on iOS and Android devices and has successfully attracted users and advertisers to get involved.

Headquartered in Dublin, international offices have now opened in Armenia, Cyprus, Russia and Ukraine. The team has grown to more than 200 employees, and together, they serve customers in multiple languages across 18 countries.

A vibrant community

According to, the platform has amassed 600,000 users, with more than 3 million transactions conducted annually through its ecosystem. The customer-to-customer marketplace is also said to be thriving — and even a motorbike was recently sold.

The team behind this ecosystem believes the advertising industry has plenty of potential and is ripe for disruption. cites statistics that show the online advertising market is worth a staggering $550 billion, with an estimated 4 billion people regularly using the internet.

More insights from here believes that incentivizing users to view advertisements could create a win-win scenario for all parties. Big brands would find it easier to connect with people who have a genuine interest in their products and get detailed statistics about how many impressions their campaigns receive. Companies can use this data to hone their message and learn more about their core audience.

Growing demand

In June 2020, announced that ME tokens had been released on the Bittrex exchange, meaning that its flagship cryptocurrency is now available to a broader cross-section of users. The company described this milestone as a validation of its project, as only businesses with a working product and a transparent business model are allowed to be listed. 

The group of companies has already obtained international licenses to ensure that its mePay system can operate in the European Union and the United Kingdom. Plans are in place to extend this licensing to Armenia and the Eurasian Economic Union.

One particular area of interest for lies in remittances where foreign workers send money back home — for example, to their loved ones. Current services can often command excruciatingly high fees when funds are being sent across borders, but believes that its mePay platform has the potential to make transactions less expensive. The company is also hoping to make a meaningful impact when it comes to financial inclusion.

With major entrepreneurs, investors and members of the media on its advisory board, now has its sights set on developing other projects focused on fintech and “new generation” social media.

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