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CoinW, a crypto exchange with more than 9 million users worldwide sets its sights on global expansion — all part of a quest to encourage the mass adoption of digital assets.

When it comes to crypto, newcomers and seasoned traders alike have a checklist.

One thing that unites novices and pros is low fees. Unreasonably high transaction costs can substantially dent profitability, especially when smaller trades are being made. Following the high-profile collapses of FTX and Celsius, users are looking for proof-of-reserves to give them confidence that their funds are safe.

Those who are experiencing the space for the first time want an extensive cryptocurrency portfolio where they can buy and sell digital assets without limitations. In previous bull markets, the likes of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have played an instrumental role in enticing people to get involved, but are left disappointed because some major trading platforms fail to list them.

Newcomers also want an experience that’s not too dissimilar to the banking apps they’re already accustomed to. Far too many trading platforms deliver a convoluted user interface that’s difficult to follow, increasing the prospect of expensive mistakes. Novices also yearn for a one-stop shop where they can learn about the industry from the beginning.

Of course, experts have entirely different priorities. As they painstakingly devise strategies, they want an advanced trading toolset that features margin trading, stop-loss orders, optimal liquidity and minimal slippage.

One platform, CoinW, attempts to tick all of these boxes, all while offering an unwavering commitment to security and compliance. Now, CoinW has set its sights on going international, offering a compelling product at a time of sky-high inflation in economies around the world.

Going global

When it comes to operating a crypto exchange, reliability and security matter — and CoinW, which has been in the market since 2017, delivers both.

Source: CoinW

Source: CoinW

At the heart of CoinW’s mission is a dedication to creating user-centric products and services that not only promote cryptocurrency adoption but also facilitate education and profitability. The crypto exchange’s commitment to user satisfaction is evident in its unwavering focus on creating an inclusive and accessible financial future. With the goal of making finance more equitable and open to all, CoinW strives to provide its users with the necessary tools and resources to thrive in the evolving financial landscape.

One of CoinW’s standout features is its dedication to security and reliability. With a best-in-class risk management framework and a commitment to compliance, CoinW ensures that users can trade with confidence. The exchange’s advanced trading toolset, including features like up to 200x leverage and advanced take-profit and stop-loss configurations, caters to experienced traders looking for precision and control. Additionally, CoinW’s focus on optimal liquidity and minimal trade slippage enhances the trading experience.

For those on the move, CoinW offers an intuitive mobile app experience, ensuring that users can trade and manage their assets seamlessly from their smartphones. Moreover, CoinW recognizes the importance of education in the crypto space and provides comprehensive cryptocurrency educational resources to help users stay informed and make informed decisions. For instance, CoinW Academy imparts cryptocurrency industry knowledge to new users, while CoinW Live Trading features weekly market analysis by top-tier traders.

CoinW’s global reach and commitment to mass adoption of crypto are exemplified by its extensive global tour, where the platform has played a key sponsorship role in cryptocurrency conferences around the world, charity events, and initiatives aimed at encouraging the widespread use of cryptocurrencies. This global presence underscores CoinW’s dedication to advancing the crypto industry on a global scale.

A crucial step in raising brand awareness and gaining traction has involved embarking on high-profile partnerships. For the third year running, it has partnered with Token2049 as a platinum sponsor to shape the landscape of Web3 and further the advancement of digital assets. A meticulously crafted booth has been established at Asia’s flagship conference, with a spaceship theme as the crypto space prepares to head to the moon once again.

Back in November 2022, CoinW served as an official sponsor for the Globe Soccer Awards, hot on the heels of the Qatar World Cup. It was the first crypto trading platform to become an official partner, and given how there are 3.5 billion football fans worldwide, it was an irresistible opportunity to reach new markets.

Making a splash

Source: CoinW

Source: CoinW

CoinW says its goal is to deliver a versatile suite of tools and products for all users, irrespective of which stage of their trading journey they’re at. Consumers and traders increasingly seek utility and a name they can trust. With millions of users already in its client base, CoinW is expanding its horizons even further — all while other trading platforms retreat.

As the old saying goes, bear markets are for building, and CoinW says it’s well positioned to capitalize on market sentiment as excitement grows about the prospect of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund, with the next BTC halving now less than a year away.

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