With a 300% growth on a global level, 2015 was the year of fintech, and the latest studies show that 2016 will double this investment data.

From ecommerce to mobile payments to banking services, the blockchain is at the center of any innovative technology and new platforms, as the distributed ledger represents the vanguard for the disintermediation of value transfers between individuals and companies.

Blockchain Club to invest in Fintech

This is the reason why a few days ago SiamoSoci launched its new project called Blockchain Club, which aims to form a group of investors that wish to participate in the growth of fintech startups based on Blockchain technology.

Dario Giudici, CEO of SiamoSoci, explains:

“Any investor would have liked to invest in companies like Google, Paypal or Amazon back in 1998. Now we have our second chance: a technology that will likely impact on our lives as much as the internet does, and the opportunity to do early stage investments on companies that might be the next game changers. That's why we created the Club.”

Dario Giudici, CEO of SiamoSoci

Blockchain Club is being realized in partnership with BlockchainLab, the Italian research lab funded by Intesa SanPaolo and Azimut. Its team of experts is gathering all the most promising startups that are developing services on the blockchain, and will support the Club in its selection of the best Italian and global projects that will compose its portfolio.                     

Giacomo Zucco, CEO at BlockchainLab, says:

“BlockchainLab aims at collecting the Italian and International excellence to screen every existing project in this field and to understand the future trends”

After its previous project that invested in Bitcoin, called Cryptoclub, SiamoSoci once again targets the blockchain.

How Blockchain Club works

The goal is to collect five million euros from private investors who wouldn’t otherwise have access to this technology. 

The project will have a 10 year horizon and will invest in about thirty startups at varying levels of development, from those already active in the market to those with significant opportunity for growth. Startups will be gathered from a variety of industries, all having blockchain innovation in common, from wallets to notary services, as well as exchanges and smart contracts. SiamoSoci is already in negotiations with several startups including Eternity Wall, HolyTransaction, The Rock Trading and Helperbit.

Since 2011, SiamoSoci has been a leader in the Italian startup ecosystem, creating solutions that link together private investors and innovative startups. It was founded by nine experts from the financial innovation business, and currently, Azimut, Italy's leading independent asset manager, holds a significant stake in the business.