Purse.io, a peer to peer marketplace known for its bitcoin-gift card service which lets users save money on e-commerce platforms like Amazon likewise allows users to purchase gasoline at Shell Stations with a 25% discount.

A Redditor with the ID Logical007 discovered this method, when he purchased Gamestop Gift Card on Amazon using Purse.io for 25% discount. With Purse.io, users can add any items from Amazon into the platform’s wish list at their preferred discount rate enabling bitcoin buyers to purchase the item for them and receive bitcoins in return.

How it works

The method is really simple.    

  1. Find a Gamestop Gift Card on Amazon. Add it to the Wishlist.
  2. Import the Wishlist into Purse.io and wait until the order is filled.
  3. Take the Gamestop Gift Card and buy a Shell Station gas card with it!

“It works everytime. I've bought tons of Shell gift cards using Gamestop Gift cards at several locations,” the Redditor stated. “I've even had employees tell me that some people trade in games for Beer money, as you can buy Shell Gas cards with store credit and they sell beer at Shell.”


Purse.io has saved its users over US$500,000 in 2015 alone, from its Amazon discounts and the purse.io instant platform.

Purse.io CEO Andrew Lee wrote in a blog post:

“Over the past year, our users saved more than $500k just for spending bitcoin and soon, we’ll be introducing solutions will allow consumers to spend bitcoins at any merchant with a discount, and a whole lot more.”


“Bitcoin commerce needs to make economic sense for everyone involved in a transaction,” Lee added. “It’s only a matter of time before we see large retailers, such as Expedia or Overstock, exit Bitcoin. They have already cited low usage.”

Purse.io offers 20% direct discounts to Amazon purchases, which have led Purse.io to process around US$500,000 in monthly transactions, and around US$2 million annual transactions from over 45,000 users.