Ethereum fourth-generation banking app Humaniq has announced its token will trade on four exchanges after its ICO ends April 27.

The token sale for the startup, which began April 6, has at press time raised $4.4 mln from almost 11,000 participants.

Once the process is complete, the HMQ altcoin will be tradeable on SpaceBTC, LiveCoin, Bitlish, and Dabtc, a press release issued on Monday confirmed.

“We trust these exchanges, as they have a very good reputation,” founder Alex Fork commented on the plans.

“This is very beneficial to the people who have participated in our crowdsale, and will begin the establishment of our post-ICO token value.”

Humaniq’s ICO is only one of a series of phenomenally successful ICOs to have launched over the past several months. Particularly noticeable in Ethereum-driven campaigns, startups often raise their multimillion dollar targets within days or even hours, far ahead of schedule.

Humaniq’s immediate plans, meanwhile, include capitalizing on more deep-reaching deals. The app has signed a deal with Deloitte, also announced in Monday’s release, which will see the global giant provide legal and accounting support going forward.

“We highly appreciate relationships with our partners therefore we have chosen Deloitte to guide us through our growth and efforts as we launch our project globally,” CEO Dinis Guarda added about the partnership.

Humaniq intends to use Blockchain technology to deliver banking tools to the roughly two bln global inhabitants without access to more traditional institutions using the biometric technology available on smartphones.