Imagine this scenario. January 2013, you buy 100 Bitcoins for $1300 not thinking too much about the new cryptocurrency and the small amount of money you’ve spent.

Fast forward five years and you realise your 100 Bitcoin are now worth $1.3 mln. But you have forgotten the password to your Bitcoin wallets - denying you access to your million dollar fortune.

It would be a nightmare of epic proportions. You’d probably rather face Jason from Friday the 13th than not be able to access your Bitcoin wallet.

But if you live in Russia, you could pay a hypnotist to help you remember your password and claim your little pile of digital gold.

According to RT, a hypnotist in Russia is charging one Bitcoin to help users remember their lost passwords. If you unlock your wallet, you are also liable to pay five percent of the amount of Bitcoin you recovered in your stash.

Denis Derkach, who runs a Russian advertising platform serving cryptocurrency websites, says people will do almost anything to access their lost accounts.

“With the skyrocketing Bitcoin many of those who once bought Bitcoin as a toy are now kicking themselves. They are appalled to see that they could become dollar millionaires if only they remembered the password.”

Veronika Marymur is the hypnotist who has helped almost half of her 20 clients to remember their lost Bitcoin wallet passwords:

“With the help of hypnosis, I bring a person into an altered state of consciousness when he can recall the information he needs.”

Many people have lost Bitcoin through a number of weird, wonderful and ultimately tragic ways. From burned hard drives to straight-forward hacks, any story of lost Bitcoin is hard to read.