Bitcoin Has More ‘Promise’ says former PayPal Exec, Gem COO

Earlier this fall, Gem launched as the first Bitcoin startup to ever compete in the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield, presenting a full-stack API for digital currency developers that will eliminate the pain of building Bitcoin security infrastructure into apps.

Gem is building a platform that makes turnkey Bitcoin transaction security possible, letting users pass money around in Bitcoin form without risk.

You can see the demo video from the TechCrunch Disrupt event here.


Even as Bitcoin continues to struggle with the growing pains and security snafus intrinsic to scaling Bitcoin's technology (and continues to have high value to hackers, as evidenced by the recent BitStamp hack), there are many leaders in the community trying to patch those holes sooner rather than later.

In the wake of several recent industry security challenges resulting in the loss or theft of over half a billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin, Gem is helping to build the only digital currency infrastructure to protect Bitcoin balances that doesn't require developers to be experts in security or cryptography.

Back in September, Cointelegraph reported that the California-based Bitcoin API developer had not only completed a US$2M seed funding round, but had also welcomed former Paypal executive, Ken Miller, as Chief Operating Officer.

Cointelegraph had a chance to ask Ken Miller about some of the initiatives Gem is working on in the coming months and about Bitcoin’s security concerns as a whole.

- Gem COO, Ken Miller

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