‘I Would Like to Meet Ross Ulbricht as a Free Man’ – Tatiana Moroz

Coming off a powerful speech and singing performance to close out the Bitcoin South Conference in gorgeous Queenstown, New Zealand, Tatiana Moroz is solidifying her stature as a sought after presence at Cryptocurrency and Liberty events.

She is one of the rare examples of what a person can do if they just believe in changing the system for the better. And without a background in Programming, Finance or Law, she has done as much to promote Bitcoin as anyone that was not an early adopter.

While everyone is out there trying to create the killer app or looking for a way to dodge the regulatory hammer, she is the friendly face that will spend whatever time requires for new comers to understand the importance of the Blockchain.

Tatiana is the reason why at least one recording studio in the heart of New York City now accepts Bitcoin, and she’s just getting started. 

Tatiana Moroz

Cointelegraph caught up with the talented Tatiana Moroz for a few exclusive questions.

Cointelegraph: You have now been traveling using Bitcoin through Australia and New Zealand for about a month, what has the journey been like?

Tatiana Moroz: I will try to keep this short, but that may be tricky with all the action!  At the community co-working space called the “Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center,” I did a launch event, talk, and celebration there with Andreas Antonopoulos.  Later that evening, we had a Coinjar, Bitcoin Association of Australia, and the College Crypto Network sponsored talk/party with Andreas and Pamela Morgan.  Pam and I had never shared a stage together, it was really impromptu, but it worked so well that we did the same in Sydney at Atlassian.

Plus, speaking is still relatively new for me, but I think we were all really engaging, informative, and covered a variety of topics with 200-300 people per event.  I went for a girl’s night out with Zhoe from Coinjar and we used their swipe credit card.  So easy! I really wish we had that in the states! Other times using Bitcoin wasn’t as easy, but we did have Airbitz to help locate Bitcoin businesses and Cheap Air for some flights. 

When in Bitcoin South, we all went up in the 1st helicopter ride in NZ paid for in Bitcoin. It was wonderful meeting all the people, especially when Fran from Brave New Coin opened his home to the speakers and some guests for a beautiful dinner.  We got a lot of video footage for my traveling with music and Bitcoin lifestyle based series, so I am eager to get to editing. It’s tough on a tight budget, but that’s why we have awesome sponsors and donations, so we can keep creating content geared for larger audiences. 

There are so many innovative businesses here, and the community is thriving, though I don’t think enough VCs have seen the potential of this market yet.  There are senate hearings going on right now. There’s a thriving tech industry here, and with all the solar power, so much opportunity. We will see what happens, but I know the speakers were really impressed with Australia and New Zealand and will be back next year!

CT: How did you first hear about Bitcoin and what made you decide to get involved?

TM: I first heard about Bitcoin back in August of 2012, when BitPay