Less than two days left until the ICO-Hypethon in Saint Petersburg, the cultural and soon to be Blockchain capital of Russia.

Crypto Friends, the organising team, and their sponsor Waves Platform, have provided Cointelegraph with the latest list of selected teams and details on the ICO Angel Pool.

The teams will pitch their ideas twice within 48 hours and receive help from mentors and experts, and a verdict from the jury, selecting the top 3 projects.

The teams will have an opportunity to meet ICO Angels, who have committed over $1.9 mln to a pool to be used for acquiring the pre-ICO tokens (BTC 360, ETH 1050 and $100000).

Daria Arefieva, Founder of Crypto Friends, says:

“We have received more than 100 submissions and for now we have expanded the list of selected teams to 26. Supported by experts, we are still going through the submissions to update the list. We aim to bring аs many teams with ambition in contact with experts and ICO Angels as possible. Our aim is to enable the stakeholders to build trustworthy and transparent business and personal relationships around ICOs during the Hypethon.”

The ICO-Hypethon teams

  1. Armor Ceramics (http://www.armorceramics.co) is a large metallurgical producer, developing a new format of cooperation within industrial enterprises based on Blockchain.
  2. charitize.click (https://charitize.click) is developing a customer affinity platform for brands and retailers, matching brand core values with those of their consumers.
  3. Cryptopay (https://cryptopay.me) is a wallet and a payment platform where merchants and consumers can transact with each other, backed by the new Bitcoin payment protocol.
  4. Covalentcoin (https://covalentcoin.io) is a valuable minerals mining project in Siberia with a patented technology and a Waves-based coin VALENT.
  5. DARFChain (http://www.darfchain.com) is a decentralized accounting/assets resource finance system on Blockchain.
  6. Data Fuel (http://datafuel.ru) is a decentralized platform to analyze, securely store and exchange personal data.
  7. Easyfast (tbd) advertises ICO stages in an extensive network of partners of international mass media for a percentage of the funds raised.
  8. Forseti (Forseti.im) is a decentralized arbitration/mediation network and reputation system framework based on smart contracts. It is designed to solve trust problems in online marketplaces and to build Blockchain-based reputation systems.
  9. Game Machine (gamemachine.io) is a service for gamers that allows them to receive items in their favorite games for free, by providing their own computer in their spare time.
  10. InkChain (https://inkchain.io) is defined as a Ledger, where artists register works and generate businesses, an Exchange where arts can be incubated then thrive, and an Eco-system advocating for anyone who creates original content.
  11. Investy (tbd) is a social crypto-investing platform making investments to crypto funds, portfolios and individual traders openly and safety.
  12. jNet1 (https://jnet1.ru) is an ecosystem for jewelry businesses based on b2b and b2c IT-platforms with its own JnetCoin.
  13. Kickcity (https://kickcityapp.com) is a reward-based social event platform on Blockchain.
  14. LastWill (lastwill.io) is a service to create smart contracts distributing the user's funds (placed on the contract) between his heirs in case the user cannot use them (disappeared, died, etc.).
  15. LegalORM (http://legalorm.com) is a technological platform with its own environment, automating legal services and providing services to legal associates, for creating documents.
  16. Nimfamoney (https://nimfamoney.io) is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform for token purchase on exchanges and ICOs.
  17. Nousplatform (https://nousplatform.com) is decentralized investment funds managed on Blockchain.
  18. Piligrim XXI  (www.piligrimxxi.com) is an augmented reality ecosystem. It is a landscape-related information environment that connects the peer-to-peer community of users.
  19. PingPong  (http://pingpong.rocks) is a personal and business agenda in one app. Intuitive IM along with a sophisticated blockchain-powered project management tool.
  20. PRIZM  (http://prizm.club) is a hundred percent proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency, based on Next core, constructed in open-source Java.
  21. Rosenbridge Digital  (https://www.rosenbridgedigital.org) is the first UK FCA regulated Funding source offering crypto-securitized products.
  22. Run-CPA (https://runcpa.com) is an advertising cost per action network in Bitcoin economy.
  23. Smart Insurance LLC (tbd)  is an insurance platform of the new generation built on an innovative relationship.
  24. Solidified  (solidified.io) is a crowd-sourced platform for screening smart contracts, that helps investors and developers confirm the quality, reliability and security of smart contracts.
  25. Uber Food (http://uberfood.io) is a blockchain-based platform for robotized fast food network.
  26. Xemit (TBD) is a payment institution with a centralized business model for basic crypto and fiat currencies usage based on Blockchain technology.

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