A conference held in Hong Kong last week united Bitcoin activists and investors to boost cyptocurrency awareness across Asia, an area where local government policies on Bitcoin run the gamut from friendly to hostile.

The two day Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo, held at Hong Kong’s SkyCity Marriot Hotel on June 24-25, featured a line-up of over 50 speakers, with some of the biggest names in the Bitcoin, finance, and technology communities sharing their advice and expertise.

“Remember the gold rush in the 19th century? Asia is going through a similar period; except this time it’s not around gold, but bitcoins,” said Alan M. Meckler, CEO of internet media company Mediabistro. “The feverish passion for cryptocurrency exuded by the people in Asia makes the region a very interesting market for us to observe how bitcoin would be adopted.

“With Hong Kong introducing its first bitcoin ATMs as well as bitcoin retail store, we can see the city’s interest in cryptocurrency is surging. We are very excited to launch Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong to spread knowledge on this subject to allow attendees to gain a better understanding of bitcoins and how it provides opportunities for start-ups and players in different industries.”

Among the speakers at the event, which encompassed over 20 seminar sessions,  was Bobby Lee, the CEO and cofounder of BTC China, who hosted a keynote session on Bitcoin’s future in China and what it’s like to run the largest Bitcoin exchange in the country.

Ken Lo, the cofounder of Bitcoin exchange ANX also held a session on Bitcoin’s influence on remittances in the developing world, and Ron Cao (cofounder of venture capital firm Lightspeed China Partners) shared the do’s and don’ts of Bitcoin investing.

For the full list of speakers, visit the conference’s web page here

IB Hong Kong was a great display of the massive amount of innovation taking place within the Bitcoin ecosystem in every corner of the planet. - Roger Ver

- Aurélien Menant and Roger Ver

- Alan Meckler, Chairman and CEO mediabistro

- Dan WellsRacing Driver and Entrepreneur, www.danwellsracing.com

- Xavier Hawk Founder, Permacredits 

- Hugh Madden CTO, ANX

- Guy Corem, CEO, Spondoolies-Tech

- Guo HongCai, "Granfather Chandler", yangyang.tv 

It was an outstanding conference where you could clearly see the engagement of the asian community. After the panel discussion the feedback coming from people who want to dive in to the details of mining was immense! The community is growing like never before! We are looking forward to the next conference!"

- Marco Streng, CEO and Co-Founder, Genesis Mining

- Yurii Rashkovskii, Technology Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, Consultant

- Noah Silverman, PhD, President, Smart Media Corporation

- Stanislav Wolf VP Product Development, Yacuna AG

- Michael Terpin, Chairman and Co-Founder, BitAngels and CEO, SocialRadius/Transform

- Arthur Hayes, Co-Founder & CEO, BitMEX- Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange 

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