The service went down tonight. This resulted in several web wallets, which employ insight’s API, pausing their work for a short period of time. Among the affected companies were BitPay and Copay.

The interruption was quickly detected and reported on by @BitLenta, a Russian-language, Telegram-based news channel. The problem was quickly fixed and all related services have returned to normal operation. No significant damages to customers’ funds have been reported.

The information about what caused the malfunction has not yet been disclosed in public sources. is a service provided by an open-source Bitcoin Blockchain explorer insight. It deals with a websocket API used by Bitcoin web wallets to maintain their operations. If there are any disruptions in insight’s processes, it negatively impacts all connected services.

However, as explained on its home page, insight is still in development, which means that some interruptions are to be expected if only they are promptly fixed.