Interview with Stanislav Wolf

Stanislav Wolf is the initiator of the first Bitcoin conference in Germany. The Cologne native has connected to the local Bitcoin scene early and has promoted Bitcoin and its acceptance across the Rhineland metropolis.

He has been busy with attending bussiness school at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University as he is intensely focused on digital currencies and is considered one of the first users of the Bitcoin in Germany.

Cointelegraph chatted with Stanislav Wolf about the upcoming Bitcoin Conference in Cologne, Bitcoin in Germany and the forthcoming regulation in New York City.

Cointelegraph: In early September, the Bitcoin Conference will take place again in Cologne and you are one of the organizers. How did you get the idea for this project and what can be expected from this year’s conference?

Stanislav Wolf: The Bitcoin Conference 2014 will be held in Cologne on September 2. We can look back on a little history. We started in April 2013 with a Meetup in Cologne and had up to fifty visitors at the monthly meetings.

Then we decided to organize the first Bitcoin Conference in Germany in October last year. Well-known names from the German Bitcoin scene and 130 participants attended the event to exchange ideas and see exciting presentations.

- Bitcoin Conference in Germany, October 2013

This year it is [becoming] bigger and better of course. Because of the cooperation with the Pirate Summit, [we] can also offer side events next to the conference. Of particular note is the Pirate Camp, where in addition to Bitcoin, there will also be other startups with up to thousands of visitors.

At the September 2nd conference, we will see German experts like Jörg Platzer and Aaron Koenig along with international speakers such as Alan Reiner, founder of Armory, and Talia Wolf, an expert in Conversion. Also projects outside the Bitcoin network such as Ethereum, Stellar or Koina have strong representation this year.

CT: The announced regulation in New York has caused a lot of turmoil. While regulation could be a step in the right direction, what is your opinion on the previous points of the draft proposal? Will the Bitcoin conference participate in the discussion?

SW: The regulation of Bitcoin is one of my personal favorite topics. A final assessment of the regulation in New York is not possible, in my opinion.

The ongoing process leading to the final law, still continues. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that different lobby interests [have emerged]. But some details make it already clear that New York as location will become less innovative. These include longer retention periods of documents than comparable MSBs (Money Service Businesses) or the transfer of Bitcoin assets to the state by non-use for a longer time.

The Bitcoin conference of course will deal with the issue of regulation. Here, our focus is more [...] on the situation in Europe. As part of a pan