Investors’ Angel is a new online resource offering exclusive insight into the world’s hottest startups unavailable anywhere else.

Created by the same brilliant minds which brought you Cointelegraph, Investors’ Angel lets anyone read about all types of startups - not just crypto or fintech - and gives their unique market remedy a global platform that will also be boosted by Bitcoin technology.

“Startups need investors; investors want to make their money work. Investors' Angel lets that happen. Launching soon, we match the best with the best - with no fuss and all the facts,”

 - Addy Crezee, CEO at Investors’ Angel


Just like Cointelegraph has given a voice to crypto and fintech concepts throughout the world, Investors’ Angel aims to match the best startups with the investors of their dreams - in a way that everyone can benefit from.

Investors’ Angel will embrace and take advantage of its cryptocurrency roots with all writers to be compensated in bitcoin, while users will be provided with an interactive experience of tipping, purchasing subscriptions and receiving rewards for sharing articles in digital currency. But perhaps, most importantly, the resource will soon offer qualifying investors a unique opportunity to instantly invest in the startups featured with bitcoin or traditional currency in a partnership with online investment platform Bnktothefuture.

BnkToTheFuture CEO, Simon Dixon said:

“With so much happening in the FinTech and financial innovation sector, reliable information on companies and deal flow is becoming increasingly important. Now opportunities for both investors and startups are growing and a new model is emerging where investors can read about a company they like and invest online. Traditionally, this was only possible for investors in publicly traded companies.”

Startups will be presented in article-style listings and feature the company and team’s personal story, full interviews with the founders, the juiciest figures, market context, and exclusive appraisals from investment community professionals.

Our First Featured Startup

Our first article on the “Uber of parking” startup JustPark is ready and waiting for views and shares - click here to read the story in full, free!    

“This is like Airbnb but for parking spaces. I think this can be popular in urban areas.”

Roger Ver, Angel Investor

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Whether you are a startup looking to be heard, an investor seeking out the most promising company of tomorrow, or simply interested in checking out some of the world's greatest business ideas, Investors’ Angel will be at your side every step of the way.

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