Qualifying investors interested in Kim Dotcom’s Mega Upload 2 and Bitcache will have to stock up with Bitcoin, to encourage new Bitcoin users.

No cards or bank transfers would be allowed for the investment, which will be on the BnkToTheFuture investor page this week, the platform announced in a tweet.

In the announcement, the investment platform stated that the request for investors to use Bitcoin only is a shift from its usual way of seeking investment:

“Normally, BnkToTheFuture allows qualifying investors to invest in traditional currencies, Bitcoin and a range of alternative cryptocurrencies, but for our pitch we request investors to use Bitcoin only.

“Mega Upload 2 and Bitcache will use Bitcoin...and we want our investors to use it too. If you are new to Bitcoin, now is the time to get started.”

Fast, cheap, secure and global

In another tweet, the platform notes that qualifying investors “will need to stock up on Bitcoin to participate” in the investment - which Kim says is aiming at a $5 mln maximum and $1 mln minimum goal - but denied that the idea of using Bitcoin was to “to push up price” rather “because it is fast, cheap, secure and global…”

Adding his view, Kim tweeted that investors in the Mega Upload 2 / Bitcache will “disrupt outdated business models and stand up to bullies.”

He also touched on his held view that the launch of Mega Upload 2 and Bitcache will take Bitcoin mainstream and he expects its price to hit the $2000 mark within two years.

Kim Dotcom had earlier in August explained how the anonymous cloud sharing and the anti-surveillance video hosting online service will take the price of Bitcoin to the moon as it will be linked to Bitcoin microtransactions.  

The set launch date for Megaupload 2.0 is January 20, 2017. Kim has noted that 2017 shall be the year of the rise of Bitcoin to new heights.