Israel is at the ‘Leading Edge’ for Bitcoin Startups

According to mathematician Meni Rosenfeld, Israel is a Bitcoin “forerunner.” With large numbers of users in the country, the number of startups and merchants continues to grow. Rosenfeld says:

“I think the Bitcoin community in Israel is more coherent than in many other places in the world, which can be attributed to the small size of the country. Everyone is in driving distance from anyone else, so its much easier to breed communities that actually meet up and cooperate.”

Among the list of Israel-based startups, Bits of Gold — in which Rosenfeld is an investor — GetGems and Polycoin lead adoption.

Bits of Gold

Bitcoin Service Provider Bits of Gold

Bits of Gold LTD initially started out as an exchange, and now allows users to purchase or sell BTC via wire transfers, cash transfers and credit cards on the day an order is created. For users without bitcoin wallets, the startup has their own wallet service, Bits of Gold Mycelium Wallet on Android, where users can easily link their account to the exchange.

Following the successful launch of the exchange, Bits of Gold began to operate the first ever bitcoin ATM in Israel. The ATM is locat