A new platform says it is “rapidly maximizing the value of blockchain services” for consumers and businesses alike.

Go Base, which is due to launch on May 25, specializes in helping blockchain content providers to focus more on developing and launching services. The company’s goal is to make blockchain services secure and easy to understand for users, helping to achieve a thriving, innovative environment with substantial amounts of users.

According to the platform, a major opportunity out there centers on blockchain-based gaming, allowing players to permanently own in-game assets, use them in other titles, and even sell them on a secondary market if they wish. As the industry undergoes one of the biggest transformations in a generation, Go Base says it provides developers with the functions they need to turn existing smartphone and browser-based games into immersive titles that run on blockchain technology.

Go Base features

One of the top features offered by Go Base includes Ethereum and fiat currency settlements for smartphones, paving the way for blockchain content providers to take advantage of payments using non-fungible tokens.

Through the platform, NFTs that have been issued by these operators can be sold to users, with fiat payments of Japanese yen and United States dollars accepted by credit card. This will include services that cannot be used without purchasing Ethereum through an exchange first — broadening the range of users.

Go Base is also making full use of the fact that blockchains can reinvent loyalty schemes. In order to boost retention, blockchain content providers can issue incentive points that can be redeemed for Ether (ETH).

Last but not least, apps that use the Go Base payment ecosystem can also send push notifications to their users — and for maximum impact, custom messages can be transmitted to individual users. This tool supports multiple languages, too, meaning it’s suitable for global content distribution.

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But perhaps one of the most important tools for blockchain content creators is up-to-date intelligence on how their apps are performing — ranging from the number of new installations and daily activations to how frequently purchases are being made.

New features are on the horizon in the future, including a custom-made wallet for PCs and the addition of new currencies, including Bitcoin and USD Coin (USDC).

A complimentary wallet

One of the crown jewels in Go Base’s offering is the Go! Wallet, which enables avid gamers to manage coveted blockchain-based assets that they have earned or bought in the titles that they play.

After initially only being available on iOS devices, the wallet was extended to Android last summer. The software also offers a DApp browser so users can explore the other delights offered in the crypto ecosystem — delivering a connection to well-known games such as My Crypto Heroes and Brave Frontier Heroes. Users also have the opportunity to earn rewards by viewing advertisements, the team notes.

The company has established a loyal following across the globe, and even though it initially launched in Japan, it has managed to achieve widespread appeal in other territories. According to Go Base, the vast majority of the app’s users are based in Japan, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam — with a significant number of users in the United States, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Belarus and Germany.

The company’s stated goal is to create products that can be used with confidence — even by those who may be owning cryptocurrencies for the first time. Another is to ensure that people from all over the world can embrace its offering with ease, regardless of their age and nationality.

Go Base adds that its wallet is compatible with a plethora of ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens — stressing that digital currencies “are not just a world of speculation and investment.” It claims that new accounts can be established in 30 seconds and that high-end security is a top priority.

Go Base is a product of SmartApp, which was established in May 2015.

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