Keeping Score at the 2014 Bitcoin Bowl

By Chris DeRose

Art by: Jing Jin

The Bitcoin bowl was an explosion of hype, confidence, and unbridled optimism. It was a wonderful success for Bitcoin, and an amazing moment in our movement. Many articles have already been written in the short time since the Bitcoin bowl has ended, which discuss the amazing and outstanding event that has just occurred. I myself have even published a fun video of my time at the Bitcoin Bowl. Exponential relationships and swinging extremes are common in the world of Bitcoin, and the opening act of the event which featured the Cassacius coin being dropped by a military troop on descent from the ceiling of the Tropicana field was one of these extremes. While the masses of football fans were merely perplexed by the novelty of a new technological trinket, veteran Bitcoiners were teary eyed while their coin was being revered in such an ostentatious display. If rolicking frivolty is the general theme of college sporting events, then Bitcoin certainly stands to make friends fast in this circle. However, like much in the world of Bitcoin, the contrasts between our history and the cultural norms we find ourselves surrounded by are explicitly at odds. While the Bitcoin community, and certainly myself, are not inherently anti-American; they are typified by a libertarian and anarchist theme. And as the expansion of our au