Megaupload and Bitcache entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is continuing his reactions to WikiLeaks’ CIA data release, saying the agency’s actions “hurt the US tech sector.”

“This could easily eat up all the growth Trump is hoping to achieve. Stop them now,” he tweeted on Wednesday, reacting to the Vault 7 revelations.

Dotcom received considerable publicity for his highlights of the WikiLeaks trove, the organization having deliberately left content buried for journalists and commentators to find for themselves.

Additionally, Dotcom appealed to stock traders, asking that they short stocks of companies such as Microsoft and Apple as their sales “will drop sharply.”

The CIA is suspected of using consumer devices from major tech companies as spying devices, turning them into microphones and logging data from encrypted messaging services their owners use.

In particular, Microsoft is accused of having had “CIA coders” working for it, Dotcom said, also calling for Bill Gates to “tell the truth.”

Apple meanwhile stated it would “rapidly address” security flaws unearthed by WikiLeaks, while a CIA spokesman said the agency would not comment “on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents.”

The Trump administration, following rumors the US president was spied on “24/7” by the CIA, has also thus far released no comment.