Almost daily CoinMarketCap lists new Coins. Cointelegraph is reviewing some of the newly listed Cryptos so that the community can familiarize themselves with them. We spot opportunities and threats, in order to help the community not fall prey to the shameless crypto and Blockchain scammers who must be weeded out.

We as the responsible crypto media, see our task in spotting the bad nuts and raising the red flags if needed. The likes of OneCoin can be very harmful to the process of global adoption of cryptocurrencies.


Doubloons is a Spanish word that means double or two gold coins. This network is supposedly built on a customized hybrid Blockchain with a heavily modified prototype wallet which claims to utilize emerging technologies while presenting new features such as in-wallet encrypted messaging.

The creators maintain it is rewarded or 'pillaged' by miners plundering a customized Blockchain secured with the new HMQ1725 algorithm. On such systems, there would be fair distribution when mining with low-end GPUs and CPU.

As a hybrid PoW/PoS chain, 'pillaging' is expected to end at block 750,000. The available supply of Doubloons is 4,845,824 DBL.

A sort of pirate coins, Lead Developer, Dan Deacon explained they will continue to adapt to the constant changing cryptocurrency environment. "Our main goal is building a strong community - the 'baddest' band of buccaneers - while incorporating more in-wallet features and experimenting with new innovations and modifications as they are discovered," Deacon informed Cointelegraph in Seamen pidgin.

The captain is grateful to their fans and holders for bringing them this far:

"Ye scurvy dogs are me inspiration to keep this boat afloat! Any scallywaygs caught dumpin' their Doubloons fer a quick satoshi be walkin' the plank! Yarrr!!"


CCminer states it is a long term project, based on Burstcoin. Specifically, it is a series of assets that will be released over time to offer non-tech people the possibility to start using and mining Burstcoin and its decentralized asset exchange function in a simple way.

They think their main difference on the crypto market is the facilitation of the access to the POC (proof of capacity) algo that is the base of their mining activity. In fact, POC algo requires just a hardware space in order to mine.

With a total supply of 6,000,000 CCM100, its available supply stands at 2,172,974 CCM100.

Their spokesperson says:

"We are very interested in the AT (automated transactions) smart contract system built within Burstcoin and the POS (proof of stake) altcoin. So from now to the next five years, we will release new assets and investment opportunities, with the same goal to educate and promote new and interesting features of the cryptocurrency world."

Karma Tokens

Karma Token is a counterparty based asset and the owners believe it would be very stable and won't be gone as long as Bitcoin is existing. It also claims to be easy to use, especially its wallet and the decentralized exchange.

According to Alexandre Schwartzwalder, GKS Prime Director, Karma Token is not building a currency but a society of people that are willing to take part in positive actions for the betterment of themselves and others. In a nutshell, they plan to give Good Karma to the crypto market.

Their focus is that in the next half decade ownership and usage may be limited to their Good Karma Society Members, the value would be immensely high because of the real world uses and applications. Currently, there are 6,673,000 KTN available on the market but the total supply is 18,400,000 KTN.

"We would like to invite everyone to take a look at us and keep on watching our story as it unfolds step-by-step when they find it to their liking to take part of, we would welcome them with open arms," Schwartzwalder stated.

"Karma Token wants to prove that good people do exist, although so much fraud and evil are happening in the crypto sphere...they can join us and make a difference. Don't miss this boat"

New entrants monitoring

But in high times of pump and dump, some want to take advantage of the marvelous revolution to dupe the unsuspecting. So getting to know new entrants is very important for the crypto community and sometimes can be even critical.