Celebrity adoption of cryptocurrency is becoming a trend, as American record producer and radio personality DJ Khaled makes public his acquisition of Titanium Centra Card on his Instagram handle.

DJ Khaled

To his fans and followers Khaled says:

“I just received my titanium centra debit card. The Centra Card & Centra Wallet app is the ultimate winner in Cryptocurrency debit cards powered by CTR tokens! Use your Bitcoins, Ethereum, and more cryptocurrencies in real time across the globe. This is a Game changer here. Get your CTR tokens now!”

Khaled’s post comes just a few weeks after Boxing World Champion, Floyd Mayweather also publicised his ownership of Centra crypto debit card.

A solution-based product

Crypto debit cards are becoming popular for their ability to enable crypto users to spend their funds without friction. This is seen as one of the most innovative developments that is aiding the adoption of the new technology into the mainstream.

The problem of accessibility is one that lingered for a long period of time within the crypto industry. Prior to this, despite the promises offered by cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies, critics pointed to the unavailability of seamless ways to transact using cryptos as a discouraging factor for anticipating entrants.

The rigorous back and forth processes between exchanges when converting from crypto to fiat and vice versa often come across as inconvenient, especially when transactions are expected to be immediate.

Such processes have sometimes led to avoidable exposures that have seen transactions gone bad, either by the interference of bad players within the industry, or the carelessness of crypto holders. Therefore, operating within an enclosed system such as crypto debit cards enables holders to efficiently manage their portfolios, transact between multiple Blockchains and also spend fiat equivalents without going through multiple procedures.

A link between two worlds

Crypto debit cards are an interface that provide adequate room for effective interaction between emerging crypto technology and the more established fiat ecosystem.

With innovations like crypto debit cards, the mainstream adoption of Blockchain will happen in ways where people don't even realize that they're using the Blockchain. For example, instead of a credit card payment using traditional payment channels, behind the scenes, the payments between customer and retailer will be instantly settled using a Blockchain mechanism.

The next wave of applications

In a previous publication on Cointelegraph, Michael Vogel, the CEO of Canada based remittance company Netcoins, said that user interfaces are a part of the next wave of Bitcoin and Blockchain applications. According to him, Blockchain technology has now proven itself incredibly useful and valuable for a variety of applications, and developers are now working away on creating these applications.

As Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies develop, more interfaces are expected to emerge, either in virtual forms like the Cryptopay virtual cards, physical formats like the already mentioned Centra cards, or APIs that facilitate transactions.

In all of this, it is obvious that the crypto world is expanding and quickly moving towards mainstream adoption.