There is no better way to describe the event in brief, than to use the existing slogan placed on the homepage of the event: “A potential paradigm shift in global currency and payments”. The organizing committee of the meetup determined the main modern problems of the branch – the technology and methodology of finance and its instruments are often far ahead of traditionalists running the economy, businesses and policy making. The aim of the happening is not just to bring investors to startups and experienced entrepreneurs; the golden goal is to establish a link between all elements of the existing system in the presented online and offline environment.

The event was announced right on time to prepare for both speakers and common participants as the launch will be on the 27th of May. The seminar will last only two days and the standard price seems extraordinary high. The attendance of the main conference for Day 1 and 2 costs 799 pounds for ecommerce, treasury, finance professionals, and twice as much (£1399) for digital currency solution providers. However, early registration and payment might ensure tangible discounts – the price will be £199 and £799 respectively if you pay in advance, till the 28th of February.

Plain observation of the speakers and the schedule of the happening say that it is worth to book a trip till the end of the month; otherwise no one knows when all this competent persons will gather at the same time in the same place. Partly, the “set list of the performance” features people outside the Bitcoin economy - Richard Asquith, head of VAT and IPT of the TMF Group, Matthew Rees, assistant director of EY (Ernst & Young) and Antonis Polemitis, managing director from Ledra Capital. Definitely, all of them would be able to provide complications and questions that arise outside the Bitcoin environment. Business and practical application of cryptocurrencies are no secret for participants like Tom Robinson, co-founder of Elliptic or Stephan Tuale, cryptocurrencies entrepreneur from Ursium. For insight and connection between the both aforementioned parties will be caring Jon Matonis, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Eitan Jankelwitz, associate of Sheridans and Vinay Gupta, associate fellow from the ISRS University College London.

The quoting of the web-page of the event allows us having a small glimpse on the main topics that will be covered:

  • Future take up of digital money by business as a form of online payment. Cost saving implications?
  • The potential consequences for transactional facilitators.
  • Speculation on virtual money; opportunity for financial institutions. Is this the beginning of a new marketplace? If so, how should financial institutions position themselves?
  • The security concerns and benefits associated with digital currencies.
  • Regulatory outlook of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The agenda is still a draft, but venue is not announced. Definitely more information will follow closer to the initial event, and the Cointelegraph is going to comprehensively cover the series of occasions and possible revelations from the upcoming meeting.