Cointelegraph is proud to unveil MadBitcoins as the latest addition to the Cointelegraph Media Group.

MadBitcoins is a uniquely styled cryptocurrency news resource aimed at presenting news and innovation from across the industry in an altogether new, light-hearted manner.

For a new angle on Cointelegraph’s news, from this week MadBitcoins will present the highlights of the past seven days in a video for readers. The first video can be found below.

Cointelegraph is excited to offer a refreshing new angle on its news, and MadBitcoins will contribute to our house style becoming instantly recognizable throughout the cryptocurrency community.

“Delivering weekly summaries in the easily-digestible form of a short video, MadBitcoins allows those of you who have missed our most important articles to catch up with the most recent happenings on the scene,” Cointelegraph’s Chief Editor Allen Scott explains. “This is a very important addition to the Media Group, as it is the first time we’ve gained a partner outside of text-based media. Stick around for more videos to come every week!”

On behalf of MadBitcoins the Cointelegraph team, we hope you enjoy seeing the best of cryptocurrency news and opinion in an entirely different light.