While digital currencies are slowly making themselves known to the world starting with Bitcoin followed by Ethereum, carrying digital currencies with you pose the same threat as having traditional fiat. Such is the case of a 28-year-old New Yorker who fell victim to a Bitcoin theft.

According to a report, the victim was to meet with a Bitcoin seller whom he contacted through Craigslist in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Upon meeting the “seller”, a gun was pointed at him and the “seller” demanded $1,100 worth of Bitcoin to be transferred to his Bitcoin wallet.

The case is still under investigation as there wasn’t any CCTV footage of the crime.

Bitcoin thefts as early as 2015

This is not the first case of Bitcoin theft. Even as early as January 2015, there were already some cases of Bitcoin holdups such as the case of Dean Katz who also was a victim of a similar case. He was also supposed to meet a Bitcoin seller and ended up being robbed of his Bitcoins.

Increasing Bitcoin-related crimes

With the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, various criminals both online and offline have already appeared to take advantage of the new digital currencies.

It’s not just holduppers and thieves that are taking Bitcoins away from people on the streets, but similar activities are being carried out by hackers and cybercriminals as well. On August 2016, there was massive case of a Bitcoin hacking wherein a hacker used phone numbers of random people in order to steal Bitcoins from the market as reported on Forbes. Such cases alerted the cryptocurrency platforms to boost up their security.

What’s behind all these?

Just this year, Bitcoin, along with other well known cryptocurrencies, have been rising to their all time highs. In line with this, more and more people are taking interest in Bitcoin and so are the crime related to cryptocurrencies.

In light of these cases, the best way to prevent any theft would be to be very cautious with your personal information as well as being vigilant when conducting transactions that involve the exchange of money and currencies with similar value.