OpenBazaar is a decentralized P2P Market application with a release planned for the end of 2015. As the project nears the first release version, the team is looking to involve more people and create some exposure around the app by organizing a MeetUp in London.

With its innovative concept of a decentralized online store with a Bitcoin payment system and user rating system integrated, OpenBazaar is a good candidate as an element that will greatly help to push Bitcoin into the mainstream.

This first meeting will not be formal and will not be focused only on OpenBazaar, but also on its competitors, to examine the pros and cons of each solution and choose the way for future developments.

“OpenBazaar London will meet to discuss this emerging technology and is aimed at everyone pursuing low friction trade. Prior knowledge of Bitcoin is not required to make DP2PT networks work for your business.”

The OpenBazaar MeetUp date hasn’t been announced, but you can already subscribe to be in the first line when the meeting time will be fixed.

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