The annual Money2020 conference in Las Vegas is going all-in on Bitcoin for this year’s event in November. Organizers recently announced a (Bit)coinWorld platform for participants to discuss the currency.

Money2020 brings together big players from the tech, marketing, retail and finance industries every year to talk about innovation in money. Their conference in Las Vegas draws thousands of participants.

Said Money2020 representatives in a blog post:

“At Money2020, we're big supporters of crypto-currencies, including bitcoin. We believe the underlying distributed payment protocols hold incredible disruptive technological potential on a global basis.

“We also believe that based on the value and utility of crypto-currencies as well as the investment in and incredible brainpower that's building out the infrastructure, protocols like Bitcoin are heading towards the tipping point of a network effect.

“Once we hit this point, there will be no turning back and these protocols will be here for the long term.”

The goals of (Bit)coinWorld are three-fold:

  • To create a dedicated agenda track to include extensive coverage of distributed payment protocols and cryptocurrencies,
  • To increase exhibitor and sponsor presence, showcasing the latest organizations and innovations, and
  • To introduce targeted networking events designed to connect critical stakeholders and industry participants.

Speakers have yet to be confirmed, so more details are forthcoming. Money2020 will take place Novemeber 2-6, 2014, at the Aria in Las Vegas.